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Installation Hints

Trooper Trap is simple and easy to install.  Here are a few tips for a quicker and more efficient installation.

Download Trooper Trap operation and full installation instructions here.


No exposed wires on the front seatbelt buckle

Insert a flat screwdriver between the seatbelt buckle and the outer plastic boot indicated by the red arrow.  Feed the wire from the sensor down the gap that you created.  Peel and stick the sensor per enclosed instructions.  Remove screwdriver.

Remember:  Use the smaller sensor for the front seatbelt buckle due to the boot.


Mount control box away from prisoners

When mounting the control box, it is strongly suggested to install the control out of the prisoners reach.  Even if the prisoner gets out of the handcuffs, they can not go anywhere without activating the alarm.

Remember:  I suggest the control box be installed by the officers left knee when seated in the patrol or transport vehicle.  In this location, the steering wheel blocks most of the device, and the prisoner will not see the device or if the device is turned on.


Best spot for magnet mounting

The best results are when the magnet is mounted as shown.  The magnets should be put in place and the device tested.  Mark the magnets and glue in place.

Remember:  Test the device, then glue the magnet in place.


Trooper Trap control box is operated by 3 independent LED lighted switches.

No Light The device is off.  Seatbelt can be buckled and unbuckled without alarming.
Orange Light The device is in the automatic mode.  Buckle a prisoner in, and Green Light.
Green Light The seatbelt is buckled and the device is armed.
Red Light The seatbelt has been unbuckled and the alarm is sounding.


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Trooper Trap is not endorsed or affiliated with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.