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Oklahoma Inventors Congress

The Oklahoma Inventors Congress (OIC) is designed to bring together members of the inventive community and unite them in the common causes of: mutual assistance, problem sharing and solving; learning the invention process; the study of Patent Law and Patent Office requirements and procedures; assisting in prototyping, testing, and evaluating new and useful inventions; and promoting the creation, development, licensing, marketing, and commercialization of worthy inventions of the membership.


OIC Newsletter - August 2016

News6.com Tulsa, OK. - Story  (May 17th, 2010)                   Video News Story

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OIC - At a Glance
$25.00 for new or renewals

P.O. Box 204
Edmond, OK 73083-0204

OCAST  INNOVATIONS   Weekly Radio Show             
Sat 6:00 a.m. & Sun 5:00 p.m. KTOK  AM  1000   
                 Various Other Stations:    www.ocast.state.ok.us/News/Radio/tabid/71/default.aspx

Free Invention PodCasts - Got Invention Radio             www.gotinventionradio.com

Oklahoma Inventors Congress meeting and events


There is usually no charge for IAS Workshops, but you MUST pre-register,
at which time you will be given more information about the workshops location and parking.

If you know of events that should be added, submit to:
Dan Hoffman at
(405) 550-8803 or inventor@uplink.netbar


Big Idea Group Product Hunts - Click here

OIC does not endorse and is not affiliated with the Big Idea Group.bar

Ideas and Inventions Wanted:

TheGrommet - We launch undiscovered products and help them succeed; we call them Grommets. Grommets aren't just things. Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories.

SpinMaster - Toys, Games, and such.  Will send a non-disclosure if interested in idea.

  Big Idea Group - Requires non-disclosure, no patent protection needed.
  Dial Corporation - Requires patent or patent pending protection.
  QVC Product Search - Requires patent or patent pending protection.
  Kraco Enterprises - Will NOT sign non-disclosure. 
                                        Have patent or patent pending protection.

OIC does not endorse and is not affiliated with any invention company.

Oklahoma Inventors Congress
Contact: Dan Hoffman

P.O. Box  204
Edmond, OK 73083-0204
Telephone: (405) 550-8803


Suggestions or comments, contact OIC Web Master

OIC does not endorse and is not affiliated with any invention company.

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