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Surface Mount Depot

Oklahoma Inventor's Assistance Service   Robert Frantz with Franklin Gray Patents

Oklahoma Inventor's Web Page   Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (OLETC)

National Reserve Law Officers
 NRLO Director of Training, Captain Chuck Mantkus, said of this seatbelt device:
"The 'Trooper Trap' seat belt alarm system is absolutely outstanding.  This should have been on Law Enforcement Units years ago.  I know of many, many cases where it would have saved the lives of Officers and others.  Congratulations are due; and I hope that the device becomes mandatory on all Law Enforcement vehicles.  
This device should be promoted world-wide."

November / December 2003 Issue Wheels of Justice  By Jim Post
Trooper Trap is another of those neat products designed by a police officer and born out of a real-life experience in the field.
This simple device is a warning system which alerts an officer if a handcuffed prisoner has unbuckled a seat belt.

"I believe this invention is one of the greatest ideas in Law Enforcement history."

Police Magazine - July 2004

Building a Better Mousetrap
by David Griffith

Police inventors draw inspiration and dedication from a desire
to make life better for fellow cops.

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