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Links - Handcuff Care and Escape Info.

It is the responsibility of the officer to safely transport the prisoner.

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Prisoner Transport Information.............

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial - Transporting Prisoners is Dangerous Business


Central Florida Police Stress Unit, Inc.


Surviving Prisoner Handling Duties - By Gerald W. Garner


Interstate Transportation of Dangerous Criminals Act of 2000


Gallagher's Liability Beat - Custody and Transport of Prisoners


Prisoner Escape Danger
The Criminal Intelligence Unit of the Tallahassee Police Department has learned that during a recent prisoner transport, a Tallahassee Police patrol officer observed the prisoner moving about suspiciously in the back seat of the patrol vehicle while handcuffed. After his delivery to the jail, it appeared as though the seat belt had been tampered with. As a reminder, criminals have been sharing the information that a properly applied seat belt can break handcuff chains. Note the damage in the photos above from only a moderate effort.
The highest risk is when prisoners are handcuffed in front.

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Standard Operating Procedures For Handcuffs and Handcuffing

Restraint Care, Maintenance and Disinfectant Guidelines

Law Enforcement Product Links

"Con Air"
Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System


Other Links

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American Deputy Sheriffs' Association

Law Enforcement Forums and Message Boards - Officer Safety Forum

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Blue Line - Canada Law Enforcement Forum

REAL POLICE Law Enforcement Forum Law Enforcement Forum


5 STATE PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION - Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, & New Mexico

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)

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Deputy Murdered Transporting Prisoner  (016-09)
Many departments have requested a program deal with the safe transport of prisoners. This program is cored around the tragic shooting death of a New Mexico deputy who was transporting a prisoner. It will have an in-depth report on the shooting, "lessons learned" and many important safety tips for officers transporting prisoners.

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Jailer Transporting Prisoner Is Murdered  (#R01-11)
Another tragedy that can teach officers crucial lessons and safety procedures. A jailer transporting a prisoner from one facility to another is shot to death when the subject seizes the female deputy's service weapon from her and opens fire. The lessons are analyzed; the complete report of the incident is included with the roll call presentation.

The Tampa Massacre  (#01SI-44)
For the first time, this 60 minute video tells the full story of the May, 1998 incident in which wanted felon Hank Earl Carr got the drop on two Tampa homicide detectives and killed them both. He then killed a Florida Highway Patrol Officer before killing himself. The incident was fraught with important training issues, including handcuffing, prisoner transport policies, search procedure and dealing with the media. This is a must and includes lesson plan and study guide.

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Transporting Prisoners Is Dangerous Business - Line of Duty Deaths

Police car extrication tips & warnings

FlyteComm Flight Tracker - Locate any airliner, and view it's location, altitude, and speed in real time.

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